John Magro is a popular and charismatic young race car driver born and raised in the mango farms of Mareeba in Far North Queensland.

John, or “Mango Man” as he is known, grew up racing everything from motorcycles, go-karts to cars around his family farm, which he now runs with his brother and father, and credits his superb car handling ability to his early days tearing it up on the old family farm.

John is an extremely marketable athlete with an abundance of skill and technical ability in addition to a charismatic personality that endears him to race fans of all ages and backgrounds. Forever the nice guy, John is always proactive about engaging with his fans and understands the value of support both on and off the race track. His willingness to talk with fans and the enjoyment he gets from answering questions and having discussions about the sport steams from a true love of the game and passion for motorsport. John’s “king of cool” persona, cheeky character and brazen, competitive spirit aligns him with some of the best racers in the world in terms of pure marketability.

As a farmer of mangoes, one of the most popular fruits in Australia, John and his team are developing strong ties within the mango growers industry with the view to grow corporate investment from this sector. Further to his agricultural ties, John is also in strategic development of additional marketing plans incorporating the tourism  industry.
John is a relentless athlete. He is one of the strongest competitors in racing and always ensures the best result possible in any given circumstance.